Sunday, July 31, 2011

Air Hogs Osprey - Conversion RC airplane and helicopter!

Air Hogs Osprey - Conversion RC airplane and helicopter! Video Clips. Duration : 4.02 Mins.

One of the best RC 2010! Review The Air Hogs Osprey "Full Tilt" is a toy-class RC aircraft, either as a plane or a helicopter to fly and go between the two modes can be seamlessly integrated into the air.

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Awesome RC Helicopter FPV flight on-camera speed wind turbines Heli Bike Car Accident Crash

Awesome RC Helicopter FPV flight on-camera speed wind turbines Heli Bike Car Accident Crash Tube. Duration : 3.37 Mins.

FPV heli very nice movie! Ten eleven FPV Flight Heli Installation: Standard Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Rotor Head Aluminum Aluminum Washout Base Kontronik Jazz ESC 06/18/40 Hacker A20-6XL motor without fan (broken in an accident) Thunder Power 3s 2600mAh 20C 11.1V Lipo battery (weighs only 188 grams!) 3x Futaba Servos 1x Thunder Tiger C1016 S3114 tail servo swashplate Robbe-Futaba GY-240 Gyro BBT Maniac blades of the rotor 321 aligns the second Optional carbon tail rotor blades for the T-Rex 450 (plastic) Graupner-JRMX-16S, 40 Mhz Graupner - JR SMC-19 DS-antenna with 1.75 m (lambda / 4) Ca + head 2600 rpm - Step 7 configuration FPV: 400 mW 1.3 GHz video transmitter and receiver of 3 dBi Antenna BEVRC bearing small RX and TX Antenna 3 dBi Lawmate WDR700 camera (Sony CCD Super HADII), the weight default microphone FPV equipment: approx. 100 g Power FPV gear with 969 g Flight time Flight Auw 3s battery (floating, slow-flying): 10 min. (260 mAh / minThe energy consumption) Cost: Heli, camera around. € 1000 (specially designed for hard 3D flying) total about € 2500 (Flight Simulator transmitter, battery, charger, video glasses, video recorder FPV crash ....) typical cost: 50 to 300 €.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Syma S105 Micro Helicopter Review - 3D Micro Heli Radio Controlled Watch

Syma S105 Micro Helicopter Review - 3D Micro Heli Radio Controlled Watch Tube. Duration : 2.33 Mins.

Visit for paper airplanes. Having one of these helicopter Syma S105 Micro for my son for Christmas as a stocking filler and it came out a much better value for money than I expected. This model flies really great. It looks the part too. We made some small changes to it, and flies even better. I am soon to a video on the mod. In any case, I hope you like this video. I actually paid $ 40AUD for the helicopter, but you can buy them pretty cheap on ebay. Last I sawyou could get for about $ 25USD about $ 30AUD.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

I say buy Diggnation: RC Helicopter Landing on a can.

I say buy Diggnation: RC Helicopter Landing on a can. Video Clips. Duration : 2.18 Mins.

Diggnation hey, I accept your challenge of a helicopter landing on a can of RC. Unfortunately I did not use a can of beer, because I do not drink, so I have a soft drink can.

Tags: rc, helicopter, diggnation, kevin, alex

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RC Helicopter Guide

Remote controlled helicopters, or RC helicopters are a kind of model airplanes. These models in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some are for speed, while others have been created for greater maneuverability. The aircraft is in the midst of a small servo motor powered and operated by a remote control and antenna.

RC helicopters are flown by hobbyists for popular entertainment and recreation. Although some 'practice to master them, may eventuallya lot of fun to fly. In addition to flying for fun, but they are also being tested at a distance, shooting, aerial photographs, and even the police use. Specialized aircraft are usually quite expensive and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Rc Helicopter

The helicopters are harder to fly than aircraft, because they allow the user to balance and let it also implies a control. Just like a real pilot must use the yoke and pedals and remote pilot needs to use both controlssimultaneously. Some helicopters are easier to automate some processes to fly, but customers still need to learn to fly.

A helicopter is an aircraft much more convenient to have likened a glider or a jet model. A glider flight requires a steady wind, so it is not conducive to the areas that are windy. Model Jets need a large amount of space for the flight, which is a luxury that some people have. The helicopters do not need space for takeoffand landing, so they can be flown almost anywhere. Smaller version can also be flown home, be careful when you hit the walls or ceiling.

The jet flight model has an average life of 10 to 15 minutes. RC helicopters are much slower, but can last much longer than half an hour. High-speed helicopters are much faster, but their flight time is limited to the same model jet. Most motors are characterized by a set of normal batteries, which can be replaced at any supermarket, they have the power. ThoughHigh-end aircraft can be powered by gasoline, diesel or even nitrous oxide. Although these aircraft are very fast, are very unpopular because of its premium price. The helicopters are the most popular lithium batteries that can last for 30 minutes. Once the battery is in charge, so that users do not buy new batteries from every time.

RC Helicopter Guide

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

RC Helicopter Beginner's Guide Part I

RC Helicopter Beginner's Guide Part I Tube. Duration : 3.83 Mins.

This is the first video (launches) to this long series of A beginner's guide to RC helicopters. I thought it was a good idea that I have all my experience of RC helicopters and all my viewers and all the beginner RC helicopter with me on this learning curve for the wonderful hobby helicopters, RC. Enjoy the first video. More videos will follow. Comments and feedback welcome or not forget to check and http

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Radio Controlled Helicopter: The latest in flying toys

Flying has always been a dream of every child. Moreover, because they can not do it at an early age, are increasingly attracted to the toy steering wheel, so they can fulfill their fantasies. There are many toys available on the market, such as airplanes and jets, and often those who, like the Sci-Fi vehicles on the TV or as those who are their favorite action hero look shown. However, the appearance of a helicopter is a bit 'bigger, because the flightRotors and the vertical takeoff and landing, it adds another dimension to them. Remote controlled helicopters are also many serious purposes as footage of air from the work and inspection on the territory of the adults and also for more complex and advanced versions for leisure and personal entertainment uses opt.

Helicopter Types:

Rc Helicopter

A fuel and batteries: Radio Controlled RC Helicopter or helicopter, as they are popularly known, are generally of twoVariety. One is electric and the other is the nitro helicopter, helicopters which are also known as glow fuel. The helicopter can be flown with the aid of electricity, gasoline, or petrol, but the grades of gasoline, albeit at very high power, are quite expensive so not many people can afford. On the other hand, with the advent of LiPo batteries, lithium polymer battery that is driven from under the tree, making the air of mind, because they are very affordable and each ishave brought the quality of the batteries, you can use your helicopter in flight, up to 12 minutes or even longer stay.

Radio-Gears: A series of RC helicopter usually has four channels. The smaller versions have two channels, while the more advanced have five channels. The most popular, however, all six channels - elevator, rudder, pitch, Gas, Gyro sensitivity and ailerons. Depending on the type, you want to buy, the price varies. Primarily an RCHelicopter can cost up to $ 100 $ 2,000. It requires vast experience in managing and controlling various aspects of radio so it is recommended that you exercise at low speed and height before attempting to enter any competition. Mastering the radio is the most important. Also, do not groped to solve even if the radio breaks down due to abuse, because of improper use can cause irreparable damage, and if the helicopter is not compatible with another set, you can douseless.

So if you want to fly or want an exciting toys available for your teen, this may be the perfect purchase. Be prepared to feel the excitement and enjoy a completely new kind of outdoor game.

Radio Controlled Helicopter: The latest in flying toys

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The helicopter gas vs. electric helicopter

I am very excited about flying and building Remote Controlled Helicopter, work and enjoy working with both gas and electric Helicopter Helicopter.

The Remote Control Electric Helicopter

Rc Helicopter

The last and remote-control helicopter I bought the Twister Medevac Bell was 47 Helicopter War classic, made famous by the show Seventies comedy "MASH".

The Twister Medevac Bell 47 Electric Helicopter is a great remote and is good for beginners andExperts. This RTF (Ready To Fly) out of the box and with a little 'practice - flies like a dream. The reason it is so easy to fly, thanks to the coaxial design of the rotor blades. It has two main sets of blades, one above the other, that in the opposite direction and therefore is not a tail rotor blade is required. All in all, there is a great flying experience.

This model is now available in particular not, but fear not, there is a new electric remote control helicopter available, thethe same design.

The introduction of two ESKY Lama V3 Electric Helicopter Remote Control. This is a big helicopter and is the same design as the Twister Bell 47 Medevac

Finally, electric remote control helicopter is cheap and easy to fly with a little 'practice and is appreciated by beginners and experts, with the added benefit of RTF that comes out of the box, especially if all you want to do is to enjoy the flight without a commitment for the construction.

The remote controlGas Control Helicopter

As an introduction to the world of helicopters gas, there are a lot more to think about.

Are you serious about Flying Remote Controlled Helicopter

You are in it for the long haul?

Do not want to sound so bad, but when you enter the world of helicopters gas, you will spend much more time and money, and must ensure that their own, do what you want.

A good start is the gas Helicopter Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 ARF. There are 90% builtand do not cost a fortune, which is great for your first project.

Although the Raptor 30 V2 ARF is widely recognized as an entry-level helicopter gas, is still able to move some excellent 3D flight. It is not just for beginners, but experts as well. It is a wide range of parts available and is easily expandable.

Finally, the helicopter gas provides a better flying experience, but for those who are serious about flying in and for himlittle 'time to come.

The helicopter gas vs. electric helicopter

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Price CN2274 Spiral Servo Wire Wrap Clear 36"

CN2274 Spiral Servo Wire Wrap Clear 36" Review

Click To Buy Best Price from Amazon

Product Overview

This is the Sprial Servo Wire Wrap from Century Helicopters.

FEATURES: Keeps your radio installations clean and neat by securing and hiding
servo and battery wires
Plastic construction, clear in color

INCLUDES: One 36" (914mm) long piece of sprial wire wrap material

REQUIRES: Cutting to desired length and running wires through

SPECS: Length: 36" (914mm)
Diameter: Inside .20" (5mm)

COMMENTS: Also available in Black plastic - CEHE2273

Century Helicopter

Part CEHCN2274

Read More ...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Channel Air Wolf Counter-Rotating RC Helicopter

3 Channel Air Wolf Counter-Rotating RC Helicopter Review

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

3 Channel Air Wolf Counter-Rotating RC Helicopter Feature

  • Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
  • Flies over 100m high
  • 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
  • Up to 60m (200 ft) radius control range
  • Length: 7.8 " Width: 3.46 " Height: 6.61 "

3 Channel Air Wolf Counter-Rotating RC Helicopter Overview

This helicopter is made of tough expanded Polypropylene foam, features a LED strobe light, and incorporates an auto stability system to make this chopper easy to operate indoors.

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RC Helicopter & Dog "Funny"

RC Helicopter & Dog "Funny" Tube. Duration : 6.98 Mins.

My dog ​​and a mini-helicopter. She loves to hunt and try to take this thing, and it hurts when they hit the blades, because they are connected.

Keywords: funny, puppy, cute, shih, tzu, dog, chansig, rc, helicopter, and, catches, it

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walkera HM 83 Gas Powered RC Helicopter in violation of

Walkera HM 83 Gas Powered RC Helicopter in violation of Tube. Duration : 4.73 Mins.

This is a RC Helicopter Walkera 83, and we just broke up and try it. Our review will follow shortly, so stay tuned - rcdiscuss

Keywords: Walkera, HM, 83, Gas, Powered, Rc, Helicopter, flight, break, in

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Great Price Metal Main Rotor Holder: 700

Metal Main Rotor Holder: 700 Review

Click To Buy Best Price from Amazon

Product Overview


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Friday, July 22, 2011

RC Helicopter - a hobby for all

RC helicopter or remote control helicopters are great source of entertainment. They come in different sizes and designs. Some are electric motors and internal combustion engines use some of those who have power. Depending on the remote control can also offer a half-mile or more.

As the models of helicopters are available in different sizes suitable for children and adults. Children can easily fit into your palm and are very good for indoor flying. They are also good for beginnersand children as easier to control and manage. With the increase of the size of the force and weight of the plane opens and they tend to be older and not for the hobbyist.

Rc Helicopter

The newest RC helicopter with built-in gyroscope, which will make it even easier, it does fly. Use technology to stabilize the toy in the air. This prevents the helicopter to fall and brake parts such as propellers or tail. Even if it helps, the gyro is no guarantee that yourThe toys will not fall, so you must be very careful.

Depending on the number of channels, the helicopter can be operated in many different ways and directions. 3-channel helicopter can move up, down, forward, backward, turn left and right. 4-channel remote control commands, and even roll from side to side.

Order in this great hobby will cost you a lot. The mini-roundabout with models ranging from $ 20. Since the size of the engine, channel and time in the air until the price goes up toosalt. The price of RC helicopter models' can go beyond $ 1000. There are also models with a camera that wirelessly transmits the image above.

The best option for the hobby enthusiasts is hard to start from a bare chassis. Then select the engines, wings and propellers and build your RC helicopter. If you select the parts you can also take care to select the remote and leave your toys many different movements with ease.

RC Helicopter - a hobby for all

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anyone can fly a helicopter model? Electric RC Helicopter Evolution!

RC helicopter is one of the most fascinating human inventions, capturing the attention of people, wherever they are flown. Not surprisingly, RC Helicopters has earned its place as one of the most interesting hobbies to pursue. This was probably drug addicts, are thrilling and exciting nature of this hobby because of. To add that the same model that offers the best of modern technology in miniature.

Not long ago, very few have ever had the pleasure, alwaysTaste of flying these incredible machines. For a simple reason - once too expensive to buy and therefore expensive to maintain. Oh - and many thought it would be for the hobby and always stay under one of these exclusively for the rich. Also, some people do not like the smell of exhaust gas or engine noise. Do not be afraid! Those days are over!

Rc Helicopter

Most people can afford very easy to fly RC helicopter because of the enormous improvements in batteries,General Motors and electronics in recent years. These innovations lead to a new field of RC - Electric RC Helicopter - which opened at the same time a whole new world of possibilities. Among these helicopters flying in and right in your own backyard, at the same time does not cause pollution and less noise. In addition, maintenance costs, which scares many people shrink now so low that it does not hurt the portfolio used in any way.

Current technologiesAlso, allow this new type of RC to be built much smaller than their predecessors. This not only fulfills childhood dream of many people means domestic flights are also available for easy transport. Not that it will be driven very far, because it can be flown directly to your home. The need for prolonged maintenance is greatly reduced. Forget about carrying heavy flight cases full of equipment. If a repair is required, it is usually in full to wear nothing more than aScrewdriver. They can often be repaired with bare hands.

The reliability of electrical machines significantly better than the gas versions, because electric motors instead of nitro engines. Electric motors are much cheaper, much less tedious and less polluted. Unlike gas engines, electric motor cuts almost never works as a motor. This is not to stop a motor in the air!

Do not think for one second that the electric flight will not take long. ModernRC models use lithium-polymer batteries. These types of electric batteries to provide the flights lasting longer - or more - a gas-powered flight. In addition, during the execution of gas, nitro helicopter engines suddenly cut out. On the other hand, goes slowly, their brothers and electric have enough time to land safely.

Beginners will find it much easier to get a rotation of the hobby. While nitro helicopter can easily move to sweat buckets learningDrivers, new electrical prove much easier to master. Six channels are no longer needed to fly, helicopter pilots can now begin to learn in just 2 channels, 3 and 4. Some models with two rotors that rotate in opposite directions, eliminating the need for a tail rotor. This means that a channel less to worry about while learning. And what's more, most of these beginner helicopters fly right next to the field. No more trying for weeks to assemble the kits difficult.

On the otherHand, for experienced pilots, high-end fashion, such as T-Rex T-Rex 450 and 600 offer high-performance 3D craft that will delight even the most avid rider.

Where once a small model helicopter flying around in your own four walls, was once an exaggerated dream electric RC helicopter has made this dream a reality very lively and very funny!

Anyone can fly a helicopter model? Electric RC Helicopter Evolution!

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Cheap Air Hogs 20027741

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel B Review

List Price : $59.99

Sale Price : $59.99

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel B Feature

  • The revolutionaries of remote-control ground and air action, Air Hogs has been the industry innovator and category leader for over a decade
  • This is a graduated product line of trailblazing, high performance vehicles, spanning all ages and skill levels
  • It's the perfect blend of product and performance without the cost and complexity of higher end hobby grade R/C
  • Whether your flyer is for Indoors or outdoors, master the skills of precision racing and stupendous stunts
  • Includes 1 Hawk Eye, 1 Controller/Charger and 1 Instruction Sheet

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel B Overview

Hawk Eye is capable of taking clear and steady video recording even while it is flying. Base on the outlooks of above image the heli has 2 channel IR (possibly the same chassis as the Sharp Shooter) that includes throttle and left/right control with analog trim. There are two separate buttons on the controller, one for picture and the other for video.This futuristic looking Heli/Droid looking RC indoor copter is the latest from Air Hogs RC. It can shoot clear and steady video and its video eye-in-the-sky camera is positioned for forward-looking aerial surveillance. Its built-in "Steady-Fly" gyro technology and co-axial rotor design make the Hawk Eye very stable and easy to fly. The camera can capture up to 5-minutes of video (320x240 pixels in full color) or it can take hundreds of photos (640x480) An included USB cable allows quick download to your PC to view, share and edit. The Hawk Eye also charges through your computer.The Hawk Eye comes with free access to a unique Air Hogs video editing platform located at airhogs website where you can personalize your video with sound affects, images and text. You can even showcase your video creations online to share with friends.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learn to RC Helicopter (orientation IN SIDE) Fly

Learn to RC Helicopter (orientation IN SIDE) Fly Video Clips. Duration : 9.23 Mins.

This video focuses on the practice of continuous and cyclic controls the rudder, but now the helicopter SIDEWAYS ..... commonly referred to as the "side" orientation. The following video will show you how to do your first short Hover! Please access it, see if it comes out. if and questions. This is part of a series of videos teaches you how to fly, finally, to full features 6 channel RC helicopter. The plan is to start a coaxialHelicopter, learn the basics, to learn to be easily divided into, and practice the steps. Once you have mastered these skills, you are ready to move to a 6-channel helicopter.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RC Airbus A380 crash

RC Airbus A380 crash Video Clips. Duration : 9.07 Mins.

Camera on the back

Tags: Airbus A380, RC Plane, Remote Control, air force, airplanes, helicopter, air show, aviation, warfare, model vehicles, aircraft

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap Motormax

Super Cobra AH-1Z helicopter Review

Availibility : Usually ships in 24 hours

Super Cobra AH-1Z helicopter Feature

  • 1:48 scale
  • Free stand included
  • Educational collector's cards
  • 8 1/2in. to 11in. long

Super Cobra AH-1Z helicopter Overview

Adult collectible large scale heavyweights

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Fly RC Helicopters

RC helicopter or remote controlled helicopters are very popular, especially boys. They have been the source of happiness and fun for some people. It 'fun to fly, in fact, this helicopter, because you feel in a position as if it is really the driver that controls the flying machine. It is not easy, fly, especially if you are a beginner. There are a few tips to keep in mind that you have to learn to fly remote controlled helicopters.


Rc Helicopter

The first thing to do is read the manual of the RC helicopters that you bought to read. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions. In the manual you will find the things you need to do to use the helicopter. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic parts of it. This is a great way for you to start the lesson.


It 'very important that you examine the parts of the helicopter before leavingfly. Check the screws and make sure that there are no loose ones. Loose screws will be put in danger the helicopter, broke into pieces. Be sure to tighten the screws first. If you are very unsure about the condition of the helicopter, try someone who is an expert to interview or who has knowledge about it. It 'difficult to determine if there is something wrong with the machine. It 'a good way to ensure that the helicopter is in good condition while flyingit.


You must make sure that you learn the basic skills below the RC helicopter, before going on to more advanced. Learning to move the helicopter properly, before doing some tricks. Make sure you master the basic components of control, so you know how to correctly perform the helicopter. The parties are quite similar to those used in real helicopters.


Make sure you practice as often as possible soYou gain more experience. It 's time for you to master fly like it. There will be times when you use the helicopter crash, so be careful, the place where you plan to fly them. Try to choose a grassy spot, so that the impact severely damaged the helicopter, if nothing else, it crashes.

It will be nice to advance your skills, having learned the most important. Make sure you learn to dive and turn it on after you, as we have learned in the balance. TheTips to name certainly buy a good reference point for the RC helicopter, you fly. You must subscribe to the hobby that your life is really cool and fun to prepare.

Fly RC Helicopters

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Sunday, July 17, 2011



Click To Buy Best Price from Amazon

Product Overview


Read More ...

graco snugride infant car seat

Engine Gear Set: 700

Engine Gear Set: 700 Review

List Price : $13.99

Sale Price : $12.79

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Engine Gear Set: 700 Overview


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Big RC

Big RC Video Clips. Duration : 9.45 Mins.

Fly Away

Tags: RC, Radio, control, stunt, model, airplane, aircraft, heli, helicopter, show, Bill, fun, funny, laugh, laughter, Futaba, JR, power, powerful, dang, woohoo, awesome, great, cool, wow, fantastic, big, crazy, huge, zoom

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Honeybee King 2 Repair, tips, comments, and flight.

Honeybee King 2 Repair, tips, comments, and flight. Video Clips. Duration : 9.98 Mins.

One of my participants I wanted to fix his Honeybee King 2 Helicopter, so he sent me. This video shows what I found wrong. The only thing that was wrong just is not set correctly. First of all I would like to emphasize that many of these so-called upgrades that sales people are useless talk. You'll see why in this video. 2 Honeybee King 2 is not a good helicopter to learn. Again, I say get on a Volkswagen, and if you never crash, then you can buy the Porsche. Most people alsothink they are better coordinated than they are, with helicopters and find out how hard work and the parties, it would be better to handle easily on anything, not a full-blown 3-Dimensional Stunt flying helicopter to start. learn Most people expect a delicate lightweight machine to be able to withstand any kind of abuse. Remember, real helicopter can not crash either, so do not know why you expect a 18-ounce unbreakable machine! It 'best to learn the lesson from one toexperienced pilots. He would not go jump on a real helicopter and expect that it would immediately fly, so do not expect that to be a model. It takes years for the majority simply hover reliably, and gyros do not know what you think or read that you can do. They are simply a crutch. I hope some of these tips help you to decide, and give you insight and hopefully you can learn better. Thanks for watching, please subscribe to fly happily ever after. Dave

Keywords: Honeybee, King, Esky, repair, Dave, Herbert, RC, Helicopter, Nightflyyer

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Align T-Rex 600 Bearing(MR105ZZ) H60063 New

Align T-Rex 600 Bearing(MR105ZZ) H60063 New Review

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Align T-Rex 600 Bearing(MR105ZZ) H60063 New Feature

  • Use for tail rotor shaft assembly
  • Bearing MR105ZZ x 2(5x10x4mm)

Align T-Rex 600 Bearing(MR105ZZ) H60063 New Overview

Align T-Rex 600 Bearing(MR105ZZ) H60063 New

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077


Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077 Overviews
Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077?Use for T-REX 250

Align T-REX 250 Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block H25077 Features
  • Hexagonal screw hole 1.3mm
  • Metal bearing holder x 2
  • Bearing MR74ZZ-d3.5 x 2(3.5x7x2.5mm)
  • M1.5 special washer x 8(1.5x2.9x3.8x1.2mm)
  • Socket button head screw x 8(0#x4mm)

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4 CH Night-rider RC Helicopter Review

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

4 CH Night-rider RC Helicopter Overview

Ready To Fly - 99% Pre-Installed!You can fly indoor and Outside.Very Fast ,Stable and Special Patent Technology tilting frame control structure.2. Specification: * Over all Weight: 38g * Overall length :220mm * Overall Width :123mm * Overall Height :43 mm * Helicopter battery: 3.7v 150mAh Rechargeable 3-lithium polymer battery.* Operational range:>= 15M *Charging Time: About 30 minutes.*Flight Duration: 7-10 minutes * Transmitter Batteries: 6pcs AA bettery ( Not Included) * Frequency: Infra red long Range control system - bands A, B & C. * USB cable included for quick charge using any USB plug on PC/Laptop. 3. Package Includes: 1} New Generation Radio System2} Pre-assembled 4 CH RC Helicopter 3} USB cable for charging 4} small Screw Driver. 5} Instruction Manual 6} Extra rotars.

Available Stores

$45.00 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter Video Clips. Duration : 0.73 Mins.

* * out traditional helicopter, model, and real wages in the same way, require a lot of master pilot. This is an innovative two-blade design that looks complex, but it can really stabilize the inherent yaw and torque problems of rotary-wing aircraft regularly. Your family, friends and neighbors are all asking when you have time to get pilot's license, as deftly maneuver the baby was in and out. This helicopter comes fully assembled ... So theyAir Phase 1, instead of frustrating to spend an afternoon studying the manual.

Tags: RC, Helicopter, Radio, Controlled, Remote, Control, Chopper, Sportsman's, Guide, sportsmansguide

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Mini RC Remote Control Helicopter RH01B

List Price : $29.99 l Our Price : $19.95 l You Save : 33%
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Mini RC Remote Control Helicopter RH01B
The brand new Team RC (USA Brand) 3 Channel mini hawk talon rc helicopter is the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopter you can get! Unlike the others, It's new designed super strong crash proof propeller, made of a Unique Material to Withstand Crashes At only 5" long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC world. The mini helicopter charges directly from the controller which uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight. Get one today before they all fly away! 3-channel, Infrared Control (Allows for Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down movements) Auto Stable & Precision Speed Miniature Size & Light Weight Small Size Provides Agility and Speed Made of a Unique Material to Withstand Crashes Super Wide Infrared Control Easy to fly Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled)Specification: * Main Rotor Diameter: 5.25inches (130mm) Length 6.5inches (170mm) excluding rotors. Rear Rotor diameter 1.25inches (30mm) * Helicopter weight: Only 10g, including Li-Poly battery * Rechargeable Flight Battery: High capacity integral Lithium Polymer battery * Charger: Integral Transmitter/Charger supplied with LED indicator/Auto shut off. Simply plug in and charge, with easy to use connections * Flight duration: 7 to 10 minutes * Charge time: 15-20 minutes for full charge * Ready To Run: Supplied completely assembled and ready-to-fly, with pre-installed 3 Channel Proportional Infra Red Control System * Range: Up to 100 feet (30 meters). Frequency: Infra Red Control System - Bands A & USB allow up to two models to be flown at the same timePackage Include: * Helicopter * 3 CH Proportional Control System * Extra Tail Blade * 3.7V Li-Poly Battery * Built in Charger * English Manual

Mini RC Remote Control Helicopter RH01B

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Day 10 - Nose in hover

Day 10 - Nose in hover Tube. Duration : 12.98 Mins.

RC Helicopter Day 's flight of 10 hours teaching you how to stay afloat in the nose in orientation. To control a sad day for the most part, but a vital skill if you want to progress and 3D aerobatics.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Electric RC Helicopter - Dyna Hawk GX - First Flight Review

I recently had the pleasure of getting my Dyna Hawk GX: Blackguard. It came in a kit, ready to fly. Included in the kit was the helicopter, remote control, AC adapter, rechargeable battery (Li-Po), more than 4 blades (2 for each rotor), with a small screwdriver (for tightening blades and other repairs), instruction manual and a bill. The first thing I did pull out when I opened the kit Dyna Hawk GX. After removing it, they saw, and has taughtSound right, I went to the rest of the content to make sure everything was there. As soon as I was checking, I took the manual and read it. As was done in China, was driving in translations in English and Chinese. Some of the instructions were a bit 'confused, but all in all, I was guided through the process of getting ready to fly.

After reading the manual, the next step in the Li-Po battery and obtain 8 AABatteries (not included) for remote control. The same distance has 2 inch sticks. One of the stylus controls the throttle valve "lift" or, and this makes the helicopter or controls the "direction". There are also 2 buttons under the stick with which you can "tune" your helicopter flight. These buttons are used to "spiders" to help reduce and passes the helicopter. (For further instructions, consult the manual.)

Rc Helicopter

After the battery is fully charged, follow the instructionsto install it on the bottom of the Dyna Hawk GX. The trick is, the wires to the battery you reach the "hidden" in the "cockpit" and out of your way. This is the only way to get the battery "clicked" into position and color, without wires hanging. Once the battery is connected, the helicopter cockpit has a steady light that flashes the Dyna Hawk is ready for shows. Now you are "almost" ready to fly.

Install 8 AA batteries that extend the antenna and screw on the remote, then turnon the remote control. Keep the antenna extended when in use. Otherwise, in the "loss of reception" that make you lose control and it would fall. With both batteries installed and the remote, press the accelerator slightly forward (top), so that both blades spin creating "lift". If your helicopter's rotor blades rotate, you are ready to fly to a few simple adjustments. (Back, consult the manual for these adjustments.)

After adjustments are made, it's timeto have fun! The Dyna Hawk GX is an "indoor" electric RC helicopter. It is not made for flying outdoors. My recommendation (as well as the manufacturer) is a "wide-open" indoor area where you are flying in a flight would be a large indoor basketball, free of any obstruction. How impatient, and also because of bad weather, I decided to try me in my living room. (I advise you not to and I'll explain why later).

At first it took a little 'getting used tothe accelerator. The manual suggests he used the training as a flight control system, and must master several exercises. I recommend this if you are a first time flyer. After I got used to the throttle, I was immediately able to float, the Dyna Hawk GX to get my living room. The turnaround is very fast, sometimes too much spin, so soft the "right" thumb-stick is of crucial importance. Also make sure that there are no drafts, windows or vents in flightarea. The slightest breeze can cause Dyna Hawk GX does not fly properly and lose control. With some practice, mastering the flight control with the Dyna Hawk GX comes quickly, and fly around early to fully charge the battery.

Well, why not recommend flying around obstacles: While the Dyna Hawk GX is a rather well built RC helicopter, especially for the price is not indestructible. Usually when you lose gas will just fall and leavebounce off the ground without much of a problem. But if you happen to land on an object (such as a sofa, for example) crash, can cause damage. When I fell into a bed, beat her wings, and I broke the plastic piece inner shaft. This part is this is to prevent the blades at the bottom at the same speed of rotation above and allows you to turn all the helicopter (looks like a tail rotor). If I had not fallen into the couch, no damage was caused. My mistake. Fortunately, a lot of "hobbyshops "to bring spare parts and this part can be replaced for a small investment. I personally chose a piece of aluminum handle extension so that this problem is less likely to occur again. I now only fly" obstacle " areas with plenty of space.

The bottom line is the Dyna Hawk GX a great beginner helicopter flyer intermediate age of 12 years. The battery is fully charged, lasts 10-15 minutes and fixed flight loads relatively fast. This makes waitingbetween flights shorter and gives you more continuous fun. And 'one of the best looking models I have apache and a few compliments on it already. With proper care and a greater ability to fly, I'm sure that this particular electric RC helicopter will bring much joy to have in time. To make it last longer, always recharge the battery on the right after exhausting flight, and then give it 5 minutes before taking flight again, so that the engine can cool. This preventsMotor "burnout". You never leave the battery for a long time. Storing a Li-Po battery discharge could mean not in a position with a charge and results in order to maintain the battery replacement sooner than later. The batteries are not cheap. Occasionally air blast the Dyna Hawk GX to remove dust that may be associated with it. And always, always in an area completely free of obstructions to fly in order to reduce the possibility of damage in the event of a crash. Do these things and the DynaHawk GX: Blackguard is another excellent addition to your arsenal of electric RC vehicles remain!

Electric RC Helicopter - Dyna Hawk GX - First Flight Review

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That means $ 1100 + get you? A 30 rc heli admeasurement!

That means $ 1100 + get you? A 30 rc heli admeasurement! Tube. Duration : 6.22 Mins.

Be sure to watch in high quality! A 30 size nitro helicopter radio control. As always, the price depends on what you buy, where to buy, and how much research you do. There are many kits 30 kits heli size only to decide what you like most and can afford. Your going to crash so easy on a couple of dollars saved up!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011 - Walkera 4F200LM Scale "Lama315B" Helicopter Flight Test 001 - Walkera 4F200LM Scale "Lama315B" Helicopter Flight Test 001 Video Clips. Duration : 4.40 Mins.

Helicopter scale, the highest level - Walkera 4F200LM "315B Lama" helicopter is the best helicopter Walkera scale is what has inspired the famous "315B Lama" helicopters. The 4F200LM is a model unique in the market, is specialized tri-blade rotor and a three-bladed tail rotor, which has few competitors in the market, combining the function of system stability (3-axis gyro) There wants surprisingly stable! The information on the fuselage is breathtaking, wenever before on other products Walkera, in particular the lattice structure as the tail, the finish is so good just to see the pitch slider and tail shaft drive tail is moved, a lot of fun. In addition, a collective pitch helicopter 4F200LM that all three blades to change the angle to generate more wind for a quick move, for helicopters with this design, it moves much faster than normal fixed pitch helicopter means, this is a great design Real effectiveHelicopter. For this package you get everything 4F200LM ready to fly, and installed all the good things, such as 3-axis gyroscope, the helicopter controls the body, the head flybarless aluminum rotor, brushless motor, tail rotor pitch, LED helps stabilize the lights, body paint good .... all in a body no more than heli keyboard packed amazing!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Titan Trex 450 Metal RC Helicopter 6CH 3D FLY RTF Ready To Fly For Real 3D Flights.

Availibility : Usually ships in 24 hours

Technical Details
  • Titan Trex 450 Electric RC Helicopter 6CH 3D FLY RTF Ready To Fly!
  • For 3-D Flights in All Directions Up Down Left Right Upside Down etc.
  • Equipped with the Titan 6 channel Transmitter
  • Length: 26 Inches, Height: 10 Inches, Diameter for main blade: 28 Inches, Weight :27 Ounces! (750g)
  • This is the Step Before Flying Gas Helicopters!

Great Price Mini Super Cub RTF

Mini Super Cub RTF Review

Click To Buy Best Price from Amazon

Product Feature

  • Features HobbyZone's revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology
  • Proportional 3-channel FM transmitter with 1,300-foot range
  • 2-cell 7.4V 300mAh Li-Po battery with 2-cell DC Li-Po charger and AC adapter
  • Durable and lightweight Z-FoamTM constructed fuselage makes repairs easy
  • Shipping weight: 1 pound

Product Overview

Equipped with the safety and security of HobbyZones exclusive Anti-Crash Technology (ACTTM), the Mini Super Cub ensures smooth and steady flying right from the start. This smaller version of the HobbyZone classic Super Cub offers true scale-flying thrills with 3-channel control, making it a perfect introduction to the world of RC flight. Anti-Crash TechnologyTM utilizes optical sensors and software that constantly monitor the Mini Super Cubs position. If your Mini Super Cub enters a dangerous dive, the software reacts quickly to help prevent a crash while allowing you to regain control. ACT also gives you two ways to fly engaged or disengaged. When its on, the computer automatically analyzes your Mini Super Cubs flight path to keep it from experiencing precarious drops. After mastering the basics with ACT on, press the control stick on the transmitter (even while in flight) to turn it off. When its disengaged, the plane is capable of more advanced maneuvers, like loops, rolls and spins.

HobbyZones Mini Super Cub makes it safe, simple and fun for almost anyone to learn the basics of RC flight. By combining throttle, steering and pitch controls with Anti-Crash Technology and an instantly recognizable scale design, it is the ideal choice for starting your RC adventure. Everything you need to begin is right here in the box, meaning you are only minutes away from a truly authentic flight experience youll never forget.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walkera 4F200LM Indoor Maiden Flight

Walkera 4F200LM Indoor Maiden Flight Tube. Duration : 3.58 Mins.

Here, the inaugural flight is the latest internal Walkera 4F200LM, the sweetest and most scalable high chopper blade head 3 flybarless blade stabilization system. It is very stable to float. Got to see how he acted out with some fast forward flight and aerobatics small scales in 3D. Comments and feedback welcome or not forget to subscribe to

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Discount Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A 4 Channel RC Helicopter Blue

Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A 4 Channel RC Helicopter Blue Review

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A 4 Channel RC Helicopter Blue Overview

Don't want a Co-Axial Heli? Try this easy Solo Pro Fixed Pitch HelicopterAfter playing a Co-Axial Helicopter, you want something more serious? The Solo Pro is a very good choice. It has a Fixed Pitch one piece main rotor, easy to install, hard to break. The whole Heli body is very light weight, making it very durable in a crash, the simple mechanism also makes it great for beginners. The Solo Pro helicopter is truly a entry class 4-Channel helicopter. 4-Channel means the helicopter can receive 4 signals from your transmitterNine Eagle 260A Specifiction Overall Length - 200mm Main Rotor Diameter - 190mm All-up Weight - 28g with Battery included, amazing! Flight Time - Around 5 Mins. Recharge time around 30 Mins.Nine Eagle 260A Features: Ultra-micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying. Includes everything needed to fly-there's nothing extra to buy. 100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly right from the box. 4-channel transmitter equipped with 2.4GHz technology, digital trims and dual rates. Flight time more than 8 minutes. Recharge time 30 minutes. Charge directly on the transmitter Easy installation of battery Allow Mode1 to Mode2 only by antenna Item Include: 1 x Nine Eagles 260A Soar RC Helicopter 1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter 1 x 3.7V 120mAh Li-po Battery 1 x Screwdriver

Available Stores

RC Helicopter Select
$108.99 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Discount Aluminum Tail Case Set: B400

Aluminum Tail Case Set: B400 Review

Sale Price : $24.99

Availibility : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Aluminum Tail Case Set: B400 Overview

Aluminum Tail Case Set: B400


Available Stores

RC Boca Hobbies
$24.99 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Horizon Hobby
$24.99 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Hobby Zone
$24.99 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
$33.99 (New)
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Best Service Stores
$24.99 (New)
Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Phils Hobby Shop
$24.99 (New)
Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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